We handle all shipments, including simple single line shipments, very complex multi product shipments , temporary imports trade show/exhibition displays , etc .

Our senior customs consultants can advice you on the most effective and cost efficient method of importing to Algeria .

Our unique combination of high level expertise state of the art processing and customer friendly service is a trademark of our services

We offer the most complete service with a solution based philosophy.

Some of the services include

- Assistance in transportation arrangements

- Suggestions regarding packing and labelling

- Placing cargo insurance on your purchase to protect your interests in case of loss damage, or pilferage.

Ensuring that you are aware of customs regulations regarding marking and other important facts that may affect your merchandise when it is imported or exported.

- Classifying your merchandise and maintaining knowledge of changes in classification practices that could affect the duties applicable to the shipment.

You can be rest assured that you are in safe hands

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